WhatsApp Sexting: The Future of Love Making in 2023

So you’re far from your partner and want to be intimate with them? Too bad you can’t touch them so WhatsApp sexting is your only option, here are some tips to make your session hot and steamy.

Why choose WhatsApp for your sexting session?

WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption security which ensures that the conversation with your partner can only be seen and heard by both of you.

How to make your WhatsApp sexting session great?

There can be a lot of ways to make your sexting session become steamy hot and we are going to break it all down for you.

Set up the mood

While some of us want to jump right into the action and have a sexy video conference with our girlfriends or dates, we all need to set the mood up first. You can do this by starting early during the day, while you are both at work or while you have things to do. You can start setting the mood up by teasing your partner through a WhatsApp message. It doesn’t need to be outright naughty, you can simply tell them “I have something hot planned for us tonight.” Not only will this teasing message look forward to what you have planned, but it will also improve their mood at work in general which is always great for your partner and you. Throughout the day, tease your partner even more. Let your messages become more intense as the day progresses.

  • Send teasing messages early and throughout the day
  • Tease using photos and videos
  • Send them a semi-nude photo
  • Keep them turned on by pacing your messages

Record a sexy audio message

Women love it when we whisper something naughty to their ears, the warm feel of your breath on her ears is just something that instantly turns them on. Hearing you say something naughty to them will still make them wet even if it’s from an audio message. You can say something like “Just wait till I get home and I’ll rip your clothes off and lick that sweaty pussy.” Hearing this will surely arouse your partner almost instantly and crave that steamy sexting time with you when you both get home. Here are other examples:

  • “My hands are so tired, can’t wait to rest them on your tits later”
  • “If I were there with you I’d fuck you until you can’t feel your legs anymore”
  • “I just saw your outfit today, I can’t wait to see what’s under there later”

You can also speak closer on the mic to make your message even sexier as women tend to love it more when they hear naughty whispers.

Prepare something unique

Girl preparing a WhatsApp sexting session

Your session can be ruined if you don’t plan something unique for your partner. Look up sexting techniques on the internet like having a little roleplay first. Instruct them on what to do like have a little game first and the loser gets to lose a piece of clothing, or each time someone fails they have to strip tease the winner. Anything goes, just don’t be boring and jump right into getting naked.

  • Look for sexy clothes or lingerie for women
  • Make up a story that both of you can enjoy and participate
  • Roleplay

How to take the perfect dick pic

A dick pic can be extremely underwhelming if you simply try to take a photo of your dick from any angle. There are certain unique camera angles that women find tempting, and you should also know that even one well-taken dick pic can immediately make a woman dripping wet. A great example of this that always turn women on is taking a video of yourself right after you ejaculate, cum onto the camera and that action will surely make your partner want to jump right onto your dick.

Be confident

If you want to enjoy your WhatsApp sexting session with a girl you are seeing or just with anyone you prefer to do so, be sure that you are confident with your body. Being awkward with your body will not only put a lot of stress and insecurity on you, but it will ruin the mood of your partner as well. So when you are sexting and the clothes are already off, be completely free and take your photos and videos confidently. Don’t worry, your partner is attracted to you, they won’t agree to it if they aren’t

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