Best Position for Anal Sex: 10 Easy Anal Sex Positions for Beginners and Advanced 🀀

Man lying on the bed with woman on top as they enjoy the best position for anal sex

Compared to a few years ago when anal sex was considered taboo, we’re glad it is now very much widely accepted these days🀀

Anal sex offers a different kind of fullness and pleasure, making it an intensely pleasurable experience for both men and womenπŸ’¦πŸ₯’

If you’re wondering how to make your partner orgasm through anal sex, then you have to be aware of sex positions that work for achieving full-blown anal orgasms.

In this guide, we’ll list the best position for anal sex and also provide some valuable tips to make your experience more fulfilling πŸ€€πŸ˜‹

Qualities of the Best Position for Anal Sex 

When considering the best position for anal sex, several qualities come into play, from comfort to overall satisfaction. Here are some of the key qualities to consider when choosing the best sex position for anal: 

Man on top of woman in intimate best position for anal sex on a white bed

Control and Comfort

The best anal sex position for beginners should offer control over the depth and pace of penetration, allowing the receiving partner to adjust to their comfort level. This control can make anal sex more enjoyable and less intimidating, especially for newbies. 


Optimal positions provide opportunities for additional stimulation, such as clitoral stimulation, which can enhance pleasure and lead to blended orgasms when using the best position for anal sex. Some positions allow for strong clitoral stimulation, intensifying the experience


The best anal sex position should facilitate intimacy through eye contact, breath control, and physical closeness between partners. So, prioritize face-to-face positions to enhance arousal during anal, creating a deeper connection between partners.

Variety and Exploration

Exploring different positions can add excitement and variety to anal play, preventing boredom and allowing for new sensations and experiences. So, don’t be afraid to try out various positions, as this can help you find what works best.

Woman sitting on a man in cowgirl sex position for anal sex

10 Best Positions for Anal Sex for Beginners and Advanced

So, now that you know the qualities that the best position for anal sex should have, here are some of our picks for beginners, intermediates, and advanced practitioners: πŸ˜›πŸ’¦

Beginner’s Positions (Low Risk, High Comfort)

Man and woman in spooning best position for anal sex

1. Spooning (Lateral Spoon)

One partner lies on their side while the other enters from behind, with the entering partner’s body curled around the receiver’s back.

How To Do It:

Lie facing each other, with one person on their side and slightly curved forward. The top partners should gently insert themselves, ensuring they maintain control throughout.

2. Kneeling Missionary (Kneel-Missionary)

The receiving partner kneels on all fours while the entering partner stands or kneels behind them.

How To Do It:

Have the receiving partner get down on hands and knees, keeping their hips raised. The entering partner should stand or kneel behind them, using their arms for support if needed.

Kneeling missionary best anal sex position
Man in boxer shorts lifting a woman in red underwear in his arms before putting her in squatting doggy best position for anal sex

3. Squatting Doggy Style (Squat-Doggy)

Similar to doggy style but with the receiving partner squatting instead of standing.

How To Do It:

Have the receiving partner assume a squatting position, resting their forearms on a surface like a bed or table for stability. The entering partner should enter from behind, maintaining control and supporting the receiver’s weight if necessary

Intermediate Positions (Moderate Difficulty, Increased Stimulation)

4. Reverse Cowgirl (Reverse Co-Girl)

The receiving partner sits astride the entering partner, facing away from them.

How To Do It: 

Have the receiving partner sit straddling the entering partner, facing away from them. The entering partner may use their legs to assist in stabilizing the receiver.

Man and woman in reverse cowgirl good position for anal
Man on top of woman lying on her belly in Lazy Man sex style for anal

5. Lazy Man (Lazy Susan)

The receiving partner lies flat on their stomach while the entering partner crouches above them, lifting their pelvis off the ground.

How To Do It:

Have the receiving partner lie face down, spreading their legs apart. The entering partner should place their knees on either side of the receiver’s thighs, lifting their own pelvis upwards to penetrate.

Advanced Positions (High Intensity, Requires Experience and Confidence)

6. Standing Up (Stand & Enter)

Both partners stand facing each other, with the receiving partner leaning against a wall or another stable object.

How To Do It:

Have the receiving partner lean against a sturdy object, such as a wall or headboard, with their feet shoulder-width apart. The entering partner should approach from the front, holding onto the receiver’s waist or hips for balance and support.

Man grabbing a woman's ass pinning her against the wall for Standing up sex position for anal sex
Man and woman in lotus sex style for anal sex

7. Lotus (The Yoga Position)

The receiving partner sits cross-legged, wrapping their legs around the entering partner who also sits inside them.

How To Do It:

Have the receiving partner sit cross-legged, bringing their soles together. The entering partner should sit between the receiver’s legs, placing their feet on the insides of the receiver’s thighs. Once positioned, the entering partner can slowly lower themselves until fully inserted.

8. X-Factor (X Marks the Spot)

The receiving partner lays on their back, raising their legs straight up in the air, forming an “x” shape with their limbs.

How To Do It:

Have the receiving partner lay on their back, bending their knees and pulling their legs up towards their chest. The entering partner should kneel between the receiver’s legs, reaching under their buttocks to hold their legs steady.

Man holding a woman intimately as he tries to put her in the X-factor best sex position for anal
Woman grabbing the white sheets as she enjoys anal sex positions

9. Double Penetration (DP)

Two people simultaneously engage in anal intercourse, with one partner being penetrated by two others at once.

How To Do It:

Ensure all participants have discussed consent and boundaries before attempting DP. The receiving partner should be comfortable lying on their back or sitting upright, depending on the specific variation chosen. Communicate openly and clearly throughout the entire process.

10. Edge of Bed (Edge Play)

The receiving partner lies on the edge of a bed, with the entering partner standing or kneeling beside them.

How To Do It:

Have the receiving partner lie on their back near the edge of a bed, with their bottom hanging off the edge. The entering partner should stand or kneel next to the receiver, using their free hand to support the receiver’s upper body if needed.

Man looking intimately into the eyes of a woman lying on a white bed

Tips for Giving Good Anal Sex

For those looking to maximize the best positions for anal sex, consider implementing the following tips to create a safe and pleasurable experience for both partners:

Black haired man kissing the neck of a woman romantically before giving her good anal sex

Establish Trust and Clear Communication

First, you want to discuss boundaries, desires, and expectations before engaging in anal sex. Encourage honest dialogue as you try out these anal positions to ensure she feels respected and heard. 

Start Slow and Build Up

If you’re a beginner, you want to start slow in order to allow yourself and your partner to become comfortable with the sensation. Start with external stimulation, moving to light fingering or toy play before advancing to full penetration.

Use Plenty of Lubricants

When it comes to offering the best position for anal sex, using enough lubricant is key. Use water-based or silicone-based lubricants, avoiding oil-based products that can degrade latex condoms.

Pay Attention to Nonverbal Cues

Watch for signs of discomfort, such as tense facial expressions, shallow breathing, or sudden movements. If something doesn’t feel right, pause and discuss ways to make your partner more comfortable.

Woman lying on a man on the ground in an intimate manner before they get into the best position for anal sex
Black man wrapped in-between the legs of a white woman as they enjoy the best sex positions for anal sex

Consider Hygiene and Safety

Encourage regular showering or bathing beforehand, and consider using enema kits if desired. Also, remember not to switch from anal to vaginal so as not to introduce harmful bacteria. 

Get Practice

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The best position for anal sex depends on what you and your partner are comfortable with. Depending on your experience level, you can try positions for beginners, intermediate, or advanced, as given in this article. If you need some practice, go to, sign up, and hire a pornstar for free!