How to Get Free Sex: The Art of Getting Laid Fast and Easy for FREE 🤯

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Did you know that getting laid quickly and easily is an ancient art that can be mastered?😏

Yes mate, as long as you know the right buttons, you can learn hoe to get free sex and find someone who’d be willing to fuck you for FREE!🤤

If you find it difficult to speak to women or you’re socially awkward and getting laid is an issue for you, then sit back and relax as we reveal to you how you can master the ancient art of getting laid quickly and easily.🤤

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Dos and Donts To Remember When Finding How To Get Free Sex

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When hooking up or seeking how to get free sex, there are a few things that you should do and some other things that you must avoid doing at all cost. They include:


  • Communicate: Do be honest about the fact that you’re not seeking something serious. That way, you’d be sure that you’re both on the same page.
  • Dress Well: You may not be looking for a long term relationship, still women like it when men put in the effort. So try to look good and smell nice when you meet up.
  • Act Confident: Women love it when their partners are confident and can take the lead. So, when seeking how to get free sex, you need to spruce up your confidence and become the kind of man a woman would be willing to give free coochie🍑
  • Offer Value: Keep in mind that in many cases, nothing goes for nothing. So, if you want a girl to have sex with you for free, be willing to offer something in return. This could be anything from affection to knowledge to even cash🤑
  • Be Yourself: Don’t forget to be yourself as you converse. Be friendly, goofy and playful. Everyone loves a fun, making her laugh will greatly improve your chances of getting into her pants🫢


  • Expect a Relationship: Understand that hookups are typically casual and may not lead to a long-term commitment. So, don’t expect it to turn to something more when seeking how to get free sex.
  • Pressure Others: Avoid pressuring others into intimate situations; respect boundaries and mutual consent.
  • Be Creepy: Understand that a woman will be turned off immediately is she gets the vibe that you are being creepy. So, take things slow and avoid coming off as off-putting.

Tips for Mastering How to Get Free Sex

Before we go any further to show you where and how to get free sex, we’d like to offer you some expert tips that’ll 100% improve your desirability and get you laid fast. Some of these tips may be obvious, others may be a little contrary to what you’ve always thought.

Here are some great tips for getting free sex:

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Don’t Act Desperate

You may think that the more desperate you appear, the more she’d maybe want to have sex with you. But that’s not true. As we previously stated, women are attracted to men who know how to take the lead and are confident. So, if you give off any sign of desperation or make her feel like you absolutely need to get laid, she’d find you creepy and unattractive. Just act like you sincerely want to get to know her, that will increase her attraction to you.

It’s a Thin Line Between Cockiness and Confidence

Being confident is not equal to being cocky; remember that. If you’re looking for free sex, then avoid being cocky cos women hate that. Confidence is communicated through the way you carry yourself, your smile, your eyes and how you speak. Cockiness, on the other hand, is communicated by the things you say and the attitude. Learn the difference and avoid crossing the line.

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Escalate the Pace Appropriately

No, we do not mean spike her drink or manipulate; that is absolutely creepy and even illegal. When we say escalate the pace, this should be done by words and actions. Learn how to make a woman horny by touching the right places or saying the right words if you’re speaking to her online. Make her understand through suggestive words and body contact that you’re looking to get laid, then guage her response.

Be Clear About What You Want

Another useful tip is to be clear about what you want. However, it is worth noting that this tip should be used wisely. For instance, if you use a hookup app like Bangstars where many of the girls on the site also want to get laid, then just being straightforward is a great idea. If you’re speaking to a random girl, however, you may get slapped across the face unless you’re very sure she wants it too.

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Best Sites to Find Someone to Have Sex for Free

So, what if you’re really socially awkward or you’re so busy that you don’t have time to start looking for women in your area who want to get laid. What do you do in that case? Well, fortunately, there are sevaral sites that make hooking up easy. The women on these sites are there for sex, so you don’t have to worry about whether they want to get laid too or not🙃. Sounds good, huh?

Here are top 5 best sites to find someone to have sex for free:

1. best site that shows how to get free sex

The first site on our list is and for good reason. Bangstars is one of the best free sites to find the hottest girls from the best OnlyFans models to black pornstars to Snapchat girls. This means that you won’t just be having sex with regular girls, you’d be fucking the best of the best🤤. You’d be able to finally fulfil your dreams of having sex with one of those OF girls or pornstars you jerked off to on screen😜. Why would they have sex with you for free? Well, many of these girls love sex as much as you do…others simply need XXX content to promote their pages🤤. So, they’d readily have sex with you and even film the whole encounter. All you need to do is sign up on Bangstars, find a girl you like, and hit her up.

2. AdultFriendFinder homepage for finding free sex

AdultFriendFinder is renowned for its extensive user base, making it a go-to platform for those seeking to have sex for free. The site offers a range of features to facilitate connections, including live chat sessions and a mobile app for convenient matching on the go. With a focus on adult relationships, AdultFriendFinder provides a diverse and open-minded community for individuals looking for no-strings-attached fun🥒

3. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison homepage for finding free sex

Ashley Madison stands out as a platform designed for discreet encounters, making it an ideal choice for those seeking extramarital affairs or confidential hookups. The site prioritizes user privacy and security, offering features that allow members to maintain anonymity while exploring connections with like-minded individuals. With a reputation for discretion and confidentiality, Ashley Madison provides a safe space for individuals looking to explore their desires outside of traditional relationships.

4. Seeking homepage for finding free sex

Seeking caters to those interested in luxury dating experiences, offering a platform where individuals can connect with partners who share similar lifestyle preferences. Whether you’re seeking a casual arrangement or a more upscale hookup, Seeking provides a space for mutually beneficial relationships. With a focus on quality connections and upscale experiences, Seeking appeals to individuals looking for a more refined approach to casual dating.

5. Tinder homepage for finding free sex

As one of the most popular dating apps among millennials, Tinder has established itself as a leading platform for free sex and short-term relationships. With its user-friendly interface and swiping feature, Tinder allows users to quickly browse through potential matches and connect with others based on mutual interest. The app’s widespread popularity and large user base make it an accessible option for those looking to meet new people and explore casual connections in their area.


Getting laid is an age old art that can be mastered quickly and easily. You simply just need to understand how women think in order to improve your chances. Refer to the tips provided in this guide when approaching a woman for sex. If you’d like to go the easier route, however, there are thousands of women already waiting to have sex with you on a site like Sign up and get laid quickly and easily!