Sexting Screenshots: 10 Sex Chat Ideas and Examples You Can Try

Sexting is a fun and exciting way to turn your partner and increase their anticipation for good sex💦🥵

But most times, it can be challenging to start a sexting chat, especially when you lack inspiration.

So we scoured the internet to find the best real sexting screenshots online.

By showing you these sexting screenshots with pics, you’ll become a master at the game and use it to your advantage in all situations 💦🥒

10 Sexting Screenshots Examples and How to Use Them

Sexting has become a crucial part of relationships. It presents a great way to keep your relationship spicy and sweet 💦🤤. Whether you are sexting at work or at home, the process should always be easy and result in a good night of fucking 😋🥒. But first, you need to learn how to pull it off. Here are 10 great sexting screenshot examples from masters of the dirty sexting screenshots game:

Sexting screenshot image

1. The Explicit

One of the best ways to create hot sexting screenshots is to explain how horny you are in an explicit manner. Tell your partner how much you want to squeeze their boob or jam your dick into their pussy💦🥒. Women are moved by what they hear, so if you want to become the god of screenshots of sexting, you need to learn how to describe how hard your bulge is🥒🍌. 

2. Hasty and Horny

Nothing will make your girlfriend hotter and wetter than the fact that you can’t wait to get your hands on her. Make her feel special in your sexting screenshot by acting like you could die if you don’t rip the clothes off her back 💦🥒. The guy in the sext screenshot uses this tactic well; he makes his gf feel like he needs her, and he needs her now. This will guarantee you a wild night at the end of the day💦💦😋

Real hot sexting screenshot between couples
Real sexting screenshot image

3. Tell the Story

Another sexting screenshots method you can use to great effect is telling the complete story of how you wish to fuck her💦🥒. Start from the beginning.. every girl loves foreplay, so start by telling her how you’ll kiss her from her lips to her neck to her nipple🤤. Then, you can go ahead and tell her about how you’ll finger her before inserting your dick 🥒💦. A story like this will get her all hot and bothered throughout the day. 

4. The Rough and Impatient

There are many women who want to be dominated and rough-fucked💦. So, using this tactic in your sexting screenshot is a great idea. As you can see in the attached real sext screenshot, the dude uses it to great effect in making the girl horny🤤💦. All you have to do is explicitly talk about how you’re not going to take it slow; instead, use languages like “bend you over,” “push down on your back,” and “press my thumb against your asshole.”

Real sext screenshot message
Hot girlfriend and boyfriend sexting screenshot messages

5. “I Know You Like It”

Another way to get hot sexting screenshots is using the “I know you like it” method. The way you want to do this is by using the words “I know you like…” and then filling in the rest. When you use this method, it opens the chat for some more dirty sexting screenshots that will get you off. Once that’s accomplished, your partner will most likely affirm that she likes whatever you said and will tell you about more things they like 😋😋

6. The “Get Over Here” Method

This method is very direct. It skips the storytelling and attempts to arouse and just goes straight to “I’m coming to fuck you💦🤤🥒.” From the sexting screenshot, the guy goes straight to the point and reveals his intention. This direct approach can be very effective as it may get you an immediate reward🤤💦

Sexting screenshot telegram
Sexting Screenshot facebook message

7. Stepdad and Stepdaughter Sext Screenshot

Role-play is always exciting. So, just like you can try mom and son sexting, you can also do dad and daughter sexting screenshots. You can tailor the sexting text screenshots if you need inspiration, though this type of screenshot sexting should be easy to carry out. All you have to do is to pretend you’re a horny stepdad who intends to punish his slut stepdaughter with some face cum🤤💦

8. Dirty Sexting Screenshots

Dirty sexting is also another great method for getting the best sext screenshots. To do this, you need to dirty-talk your partner by telling them about the things that they do to you when you fuck 💦🤤🥒. Simply note down some quirky and hot things your partner does in bed and use them to arouse her again. Your partner will love that you’re taking note, and this will make her want to fuck you again💦🥒

Dirty sexting screenshot real image
Emoji sexting screenshot picture

9. Master of Emojis

What are any screenshots of sexts if they don’t contain emojis? Emojis are a great way to let someone know you want to fuck without saying you want to fuck 😜. Get some inspiration from the sexting screenshot here and replicate it with your significant other…they’d get a good laugh and a good fuck 💦🥒

10. The “Ignorant”

Acting ignorant and innocent is another great way to score some points with your sweetheart in your next screenshot sexting. Used effectively in the example, you can act ignorant while being direct about what you want. This will get your partner to laugh, correct you and fuck you 💦🍌. 

Screenshot sexting message

How to Get the Best Sexting Screenshots

Looking for how to get real sexting screenshots of your own? We’ll show you how in a few easy steps:

  • Go to official page. Here, you can sext different sexy girls, from normal girls that could be your neighbour to OnlyFans models.
  • Find a girl that catches your fancy and start up a sexting conversation. 
  • Afterward, you can even fix a fuck date and film the encounter for free. 


Sexting is an age-old art that has existed as long as the internet. It is a great way to bond with your mate and get them obsessed with you🤤. Use any of the sexting screenshots in this article as a guide for perfecting your sexting game. And if you’re ready to go out on the field and try sexting real girls, don’t forget to check out Bangstars