Guide On How to Fuck OnlyFans Girls in 2024

onlyfans model in bed with a man

So, you’ve been daydreaming on how to fuck OnlyFans Girls huh? Well, you’re in luck. In this guide, I’ll show you some sizzling ways to not just talk, but also fuck and have some unforgettable experiences with those dreamy OnlyFans models!

How to Meet OnlyFans Girls

There are certainly a lot of ways for you to fuck OnlyFans Girls and we’ll list down a few just for you. Just take note that each person has their own unique way of reacting to you, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

1. Date a woman with an OnlyFans account

a man and a onlyfans model

It’s quite self-explanatory that if you date a girl with an OnlyFans account you will always be the one she will fuck in her videos.

This is also such a win for you because if you happen to love this woman then you won’t feel jealous if she had to fuck other guys for her video.

Just be prepared when men try to flirt with your girl as this is a given for having an OnlyFans account.

2. The Power of Connections

Sometimes a friend of your friend knows an OnlyFans model and this is a sure-fire to Fuck OnlyFans Girls.

If your connections happen to know a girl that does OnlyFans, you can ask them to introduce you to that model and see if you can come to an agreement, either you’ll pay or do it for free if they like you enough.

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3. Through Instagram cold DMs

a man sending a dm to a onlyfans model

Of course, if you want to meet and fuck OnlyFans girls, you have to reach out directly if you don’t personally know one.

The best way to do this is through their Instagram profiles. OnlyFans girls have public Instagram profiles and basically anyone can send them a cold DM, you can check out the most popular OnlyFans model with Instagram accounts here.

If you get lucky and an OnlyFans girl actually replies to your cold DM, try your best to seduce her. Be suave with your approach and when she seems like she’s interested, slowly talk to her about shooting a scene together.

Who knows, you can even come to an agreement where you can be the only guy she shoots videos with.

Dating Apps

The world is basically run by technology nowadays and the majority of the world is using dating apps to meet people. OnlyFans models also use dating apps to look for guys.

So when you create a dating app on Tinder, Bumble, or even Hinge, make sure that you post your most seductive photos especially ones that highlight your assets as you might just fuck OnlyFans Girls.

a man searching im his phone how Fuck OnlyFans Girls

How does it feel like to Fuck an OnlyFans Girl?

If you want to fuck OnlyFans girl, you’ll be quite surprised how experienced they are in knowing different stuff that could make you moan even as a man. OnlyFans girls make sure that they know how to work their way around the bodies of their partners simply because this is their trade.

Prepare to have a sexual experience that is out of this world. If you thought only girls couldn’t feel their legs after they get fucked then prepare yourself as girls on OnlyFans will make sure you won’t feel yours after they suck your dick in the craziest way possible.

How to Fuck an OnlyFans Girl?

Just like with any other girl, you don’t just dive right into the action. Before anything else, you need to make her horny first and you can start this by kissing her softly and slowly moving down to her neck.

Girls love it when you kiss their necks as it’s pretty sensitive down there. As you kiss her neck let your arms rub her thighs slowly teasing her, this can quickly make most women wet.

Fuck OnlyFans Girls guide - man kissing the neck

After turning her on, remember that you will be fucking in front of a camera so try to face her body towards the camera as much as you can. Make it so that when you finger bang her, make her spread her legs in front of the camera. This is a good build-up for her video and for her as well because girls love a ramping action when it comes to sex.

Fuck OnlyFans Girls guide - onlyfans model holding a man

If you manage to turn her on and make her extremely wet, then you can now start fucking her.

There are lots of sex positions that you can try with an OnlyFans girl like doing a 69 position where you face her pussy in front of the camera as you lick and suck her clit.

One of the best positions to try is doggy and make her face the camera so everybody can watch as she feels good while you insert her from behind.

To finish strong, you can try to fuck her fast, and as you are about to come, make her kneel in front of you and it’s up to her if she wants to swallow your cum or put it all over her face. But before doing this, make sure to discuss it with the OnlyFans girl beforehand so you know what she wants and dislikes.

What app can I use to fuck OnlyFans girls?

There is a new adult dating site on the rise that allows you to date horny girls near you or even popular OnlyFans models.

bangstars website

It’s quite easy to create a new account here, just like with any other dating site, it asks you to input your basic details along with your location so the algorithm finds girls near you and it’s called Bangstars.

How to talk to OnlyFans Girls on Bangstars?

bangstars sign up page

Right after you register an account, the website immediately gives you some free tokens which you can use to text the girls.

There is a button on the left-hand side of the screen that lets you go to the profiles of girls, and unlike other dating sites that let you swipe left or right to find girls, Bangstars immediately displays all the available women for chat and all you have to do is take your pick.

From there on out it’s up to you how you will talk your way so you can fuck these seductive ladies. It might be that you do a transaction talk with them if they ask for a reasonable amount of money so they can feature you in one of their videos, or you can simply flirt with them and if you hit it with them, they might just fuck you on one of their videos for free.