Snapchat Sexting: How to Send Free Snapchat Sexts Like a Pro!

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Have you ever wondered if it was possible to sext without being worried that your nudes may be released?🤤😜

Well, if you have (like most sexters do), then you’ll appreciate the innovation of snapchat sexting. 😌😌

Since Snapchat’s app allows videos and images to be deleted after it is sent, it is one of the best sites for safe sexting. 

That’s why, in this article, we’ll be revealing all you need to know about Snapchat sexting and how to maximize it. Keep reading!😁

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What is Snapchat Sexting

Snapchat sexting refers to the act of sending sexually explicit messages using the Snapchat platform. Sending Snapchat sexts has become an increasingly popular custom among many young people for many reasons. 

Firstly, the use of snaps and filters adds a new high to sexting, making the idea of Snapchat sexting quite appealing. But even beyond the filters, Snapchat offers something more valuable for sexting on snapchat…the ability to send self-destructing messages that disappear. This means that users can sext safely knowing that the media will be deleted (although this can be hacked and your media saved, we’ll show you how to avoid that)😌

How Does Snapchat Sexting Work?

Snapchat sexting works through the app’s feature that allows users to send photos, videos, and messages that disappear after a short period. To send a sexy snapchat, the “sexter” will have to find a snapchat sexting username (that is, the username of the person they intend to sext). 

After finding the username, the Snapchat “sexter” can then go ahead and start sexting. It is worth noting that while the content is automatically deleted, there’s still some chance that your message could still be stored. For instance, the message or media can still be captured with another device. Hence, it is important to be aware of the potential risks of snapchat sexting (more on this in the next section). 

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Pros and Cons of Sexting on Snapchat

Before you go ahead to get your own taste of free Snapchat sexting, it is important to know its benefits and potential drawbacks. In the following paragraphs, we will list a few of the pros and cons of Snapchat sexting:


✅Snapchat’s disappearing message feature gives users a sense of privacy and security

✅For some teens, Snapchat sexting is a way to explore their sexuality and intimacy

✅Sexting Snapchat can make it easier to communicate boundaries and preferences

✅The use of snaps and filters adds an extra layer of excitement to the sext Snapchat endeavor. 


❎The disappearing message feature can create a false sense of security

❎SnapchatsSexting can have serious legal and social consequences, such as cyberbullying, harassment

❎Trust can be a big issue with virtual sex of any kind, including sexting, and especially with someone you don’t know well

Tips for Safe Snapchat Sexting

As we previously mentioned, although Snapchat’s algorithm self-destructs messages, it still doesn’t guarantee safety. So, we’ll be offering some tips for safe Snapchat sexting. They include:

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  • Ensure that you trust the person you are sexting with, as leaked content can lead to privacy concerns and other issues
  • Always ensure that the recipient has expressly consented to receiving the content. Unsolicited material is not acceptable
  • Avoid showing your face or any identifiable objects in the content. This helps to protect your identity and privacy
  • When taking photos or videos, choose a plain background to avoid revealing any personal information or details
  • Understand that while Snapchat messages disappear, they are not entirely secure. Take precautions to protect your privacy, such as using a fake name and deleting content from your device after sending

How to Find People to Sext on Snapchat?

To find people to sext with on Snapchat, there are several methods and platforms available. On the following sites, you’ll be able to find snapchat usernames for sexting and start your Snapchat sexting adventure. A few of them include:


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2. Reddit and Online Forums

Subreddits such as r/NSFW_Snapchat and online forums are popular places to find Snapchat sexting usernames for sexting and trading nudes. 

3. Sexting Websites

There are websites dedicated to helping individuals find Snapchat sexting partners. You can check this site for sexting usernames on snapchat. These platforms allow users to submit their Snapchat usernames and find others interested in Snapchat sexting. 

4. Snapchat Friends List

You can also simply add friends from your contacts list on Snapchat or request usernames from people you know or meet online who would like to do some sexting snapchat. 

How To Sext on Snapchat Like a Pro

Here are some tips to help you sext on Snapchat like a pro:

Use Video

Rather than sending a sexy selfie with a caption, record a flirty video with you telling your Snapchat sexting partner something dirty and arousing.🤤🤤💦

Incorporate Filters and Emojis

Using silly filters and giant emojis can make Snapchat the ultimate sexting icebreaker. Feel free to play around with flirty emojis and find one that sets the Snapchat sexting tone💦🍌

Find Your Best Angles

Work the camera, shift it around, and take a lot of practice shots before sending it off to your significant other. Ensure that you accentuate the parts you want to make bigger or more enticing, like dick, boobs, butt, etc

Girl with brown hair and blue pants and black bra taking a mirror selfie for Snapchat sexting
Beautiful woman in purple lingerie doing Snapchat sexting

Be Confident

Confidence is half of what makes Snapchat sexting great. If you’re shy and nervous, it’ll come across. Even if it’s your first time, act like it’s not and just kill the sexting game. 

Don’t send anyone a snapchat sext unless they have expressly said that they would like to receive one. This will save you from embarrassment and policy violations. 

FAQs about Snapchat Sexting

How often is snapchat used for sexting?

While some studies suggest that Snapchat is primarily used for sexting, others argue that this is a myth and that the app is used for a variety of purposes. So, although Snapchat is used for sexting, it is also used for other things.

Is sexting on snapchat safe?

Yes and no. No, because although messages are set to disappear, the recipient can still take screenshots or capture them with another device. Yes, if you trust the user and take other precautions like ensuring to block out your face and other means of identification like tattoos, birthmarks, etc.


Snapchat sexting can be quite a fun and rewarding experience, especially due to Snapchat’s auto-delete message feature. You can always get snapchat sexting usernames from sites like Bangstars, or you can go to Reddit. However, before you actively start sexting on Snapchat, remember to protect your privacy and be safe.