How To Bang A Pornstar – How To Meet And Hook Up With Porn Stars

Do you want to discover how to meet and fuck a pornstar like a pro?

Well, you are in luck.

We have provided all you need to make the dream of fucking your favorite pornstar come to reality.

This article has detailed information on how to bang a pornstar. So, sit back and enjoy!

Do pornstars have sex with random people?

Yes, pornstars have sex with random people.

However, some pornstars prefer not to sleep with strangers while others actually enjoy it.

It all has to do with personal preferences. But if you shoot your shot well you might get the opportunity to fuck your favorite pornstar.

How much to have a good time with a pornstar?

How to bang a pornstar: Picture of a pornstar model waiting in bed to fuck her fan.

It’s well known that there are some pornstars that openly offer escort services, but in this guide we will not focus on those. The keyword to find those it’s the pornstar name followed by “tour” or “book (pornstar name)”.

The truth is that you can have a real chance to bang a pornstar like you could bang a girl you met at a club.

While female pornstars in a scene with a male get paid about $1,000, with the right approach, you can actually meet and fuck any pornstar of your choice for free.

Exciting right?

How to bang a pornstar [full guide]

How to bang a pornstar: Picture of a pornstar fucking a stranger.

Yes, everyone wants to get the pornstar experience. However, to fulfill all your sexual fetishes with smoking hotties in the adult industry, you have to put in some effort.

Here are step-by-step procedures you should follow to meet and fuck your favorite pornstar:

Step 1: Connecting with smoking hot pornstars

Now here is the thing, connecting with a pornstar is not as difficult as you think. You just need a convenient way to link up with her.

There are several ways to go about it. Here are some:

Utilize social media platforms

You can connect with pornstars through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok.

But first, you should have a good social media profile to stand out from a thirsty fan. Obviously, she has a lot of guys in her DMs so you have to be unique.

You want to come off as an interesting and charismatic dude to make her interested. Still, the success rate of this strategy is low. But you can try, you may get lucky.

Explore dating sites

Pornstars use some popular and reliable dating sites including Bangstars, Tinder, and Bumble. So, you can connect with them by also using these sites.

However, since the competition in Tinder and Bumble is very high, you must have a top profile to get a chance to meet and fuck pornstars through these platforms.

Therefore, it is recommended to use Bangstars because it is a new site with less competition. You are more likely to meet a pornstar to bang here. Some of its active users are renowned pornstars that love creating hot and steamy content with strangers.

Attend adult industry events

This is another way of connecting with smoking-hot pornstars. Adult entertainment expos are held in some cities annually. You can consider attending these events if you want to meet your favorite pornstars.

You may need to travel to another city, but the experience is worth it. For detailed information regarding such events, check this website or read adult entertainment magazines.

Step 2: Shooting your shot

How to bang a pornstar: Picture of a pornstar waiting for her fan to fuck her.

Whether you plan on connecting with your pornstar crush through a dating site, social medial platform, or adult event, you need to make her interested before she can fuck you.

So, it is time to up your game and strike up a conversation with her.

How to start a face-to-face conversation

If you attend an adult industry event and spot your favorite pornstar. Chances are you want to walk up to her and start a conversation.

Don’t be shy, just approach her like you normally do with a regular person. Introduce yourself in a polite way.

You don’t need to mention anything about her work so she doesn’t think you are just another thirsty fan. Strike up a conversation about anything, be funny, carefree, and playful.

You may even ask for her contact number to keep in touch and to get her interested in you. If she isn’t comfortable sharing her number, that’s okay. You can reach her through social media.

Here are things you should know before starting a conversation with a pornstar:

  • Be nice and respectful
  • Compliment her
  • Don’t make everything about sex

How to start a conversation through text

Now you want to keep up with the conversation from the event or start a conversation for the first time.

Start the conversation respectfully. If you are texting her for the first time, be polite and respectful.

If you have already met her at the event, remind her how both of you met.

Send her something like this:

Hi Angela, this is [your name], we met at [name of the event]. It was nice meeting you.”

She will reply to your text.

When she finally does, you should keep the conversation going while flirting with her indirectly. Make her comfortable communicating with you. The easiest way to go about this is by making her laugh and keeping things less tense.

Don’t take everything too seriously, remember your aim is to get her in your bed. Loosen up a bit so she can get comfortable enough to have sex with you.

Step 3: Turn her on

How to bang a pornstar: Picture of a pornstar getting turned on by a man.

First, you need to see if she’s open to sexting. If she is not, just try to be funny and engaging.

However, if you notice that she is interested in sexting, take the conversation to another level – make it more sexual.

Send something like this to her:

“I bet you wish my tongue woke you up this morning instead of your alarm.”

“If you were here right now, I’d take your panties off with my teeth.”

This will definitely get her in the mood. She may even start picturing you inside her juicy pussy.

Step 4: Make a move

Now you should take things to another level. You have succeeded in getting her interested in you through text messages. It is time to ask her out.

Invite her for a drink

Tell her you would love to invite her for a drink to have a face-to-face conversation on a certain topic both of you have been chatting about.

During the date, make sure to flirt with her to build up sexual tension between both of you. No need to take things further.

Leave her wanting more.

Invite her to your place

At this point, she would love to visit you out of curiosity since you didn’t try anything sexual on the date like some of her thirsty fans.

She may want to have a taste of your cock but won’t make it too obvious.

Ask when she will be free from work.

Then offer to pick her up.

Step 5: Get ready for some action

How to bang a pornstar: Picture of a pornstar fucking her fan.

Once you have succeeded in getting her to your place, take things slow.

Don’t be in a hurry to just have sex. You can start up a little conversation before transitioning to the main deal.

Practice safe sex

You don’t want to risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). So, get yourself prepared by keeping a condom close by for some steamy actions.

Step 7: Enjoy the true pornstar experience

When fucking a pornstar, always keep an open mind and be willing to try different unique skills. Immerse yourself in the experience as it is one that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Secret tips to last long in bed with pornstars?

Do these to spend more time in bed with smoking hot pornstars to get the ultimate experience:

1. Kiss and caress her

Set the mood by kissing and touching her body in a sexy manner. Don’t just stick your dick in without some foreplay. You are with a hottie so relax and enjoy the experience don’t be in a hurry.

Make sure to kiss her neck, thigh, and the back of her ears. This will get her wet and ready for some action. Don’t be shy, she will love it.

2. Begin with cowgirl position

Start the intercourse with the cowgirl position. This gives you enough time to enjoy the sex without premature ejaculation.

3. Save the missionary position for later

Yes, you want to dominate but it is best to save the missionary for later if you want to last longer. Since you are on top, it is likely that your dick will get too stimulated. This can make you come earlier than expected.

Of course, you want to impress the hottie you are fucking, and popping after a few minutes isn’t the best way to do so.

To Wrap Up

We have covered all the information you need to bang your favorite pornstar.

To connect with these adult stars easily, don’t hesitate to sign up to Bangstars.