10 Weirdest Ways to Masturbate

If you’re looking to shake up your solo routine and take your masturbation game to new heights (or depths, if you prefer), then buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a wild ride. From the mundane to the downright bizarre, we’ve scoured the internet for the weirdest ways to masturbate that will leave you breathless (and possibly a little bit confused)! Here are the 10 weirdest ways to masturbate!

TOP 10 Weirdest Things You Can Use to Masturbate

1. With a banana

Not just for monkeys, bananas have been a popular choice for those who like to mix their fruits with their pleasures. Some even prefer to peel the banana beforehand for a smoother ride.

2. With a toothbrush

You’ve heard of using a toothbrush for other things, but have you ever tried using an electric toothbrush for masturbation? The vibrations and rotations will leave you feeling like you’re in a dental hygiene heaven!

3. With a carrot

Similar to the banana method, but this time, we’re using carrots! They’re crunchy, they’re juicy, they’re carrots! Add some lube, and you’ve got yourself a vegetable that’s more than just a side dish!

4. With a feather duster

Feathers, oh feathers! They’re soft, light, and tickle your sensitive spots just right! Whether it’s a goose feather, a peacock feather, a turkey feather, you name it, this is one feathered friend you’ll never forget!

5. With a blow dryer

For those who like a little heat during masturbation (or those who want a quick hair fix), a blow dryer can provide a warm sensation that’s both pleasurable (and practical).

6. With a vacuum cleaner

For those who like a little suction during masturbation (or those who want a quick cleaning fix), a vacuum cleaner can provide an intense sensation that’s both pleasurable (and practical).

7. With a carpet

Rub your privates against the shaggy fibers of your bedroom carpet until you achieve a satisfying burn and a newfound appreciation for the texture of synthetic materials (just be sure to clean up any evidence before your roommate comes home).

8. With a fish tank air pump

Attach a fish tank air pump to your genitals and let the vibrations do the work for you while you imagine you’re a human-fish hybrid with the power of electricity (or something like that).

9. With an ice cream

Scoop a generous portion of your favorite ice cream flavor and let it melt on your skin. Use your hands or a spoon to spread it around and enjoy the cool, creamy sensation. Just be sure to lick up every last drop!

10. With a sock

Slip on a sock, add some lube, and slide away! The fabric will provide a unique texture, and the sock will mold around your body, making for a snuggly and satisfying experience!

FAQs about the weirdest ways to masturbate

Can I try other things in my house to masturbate?

Of course, you can! Just make sure you’re comfortable with it and it’s safe.

Why are these things considered weird?

It might be weird to other people because they have never tried spicing up their solo masturbation sessions. But trust us, no judgement here!

But before you dive into these unconventional techniques, we must warn you – some of these may be downright bizarre. From using household objects as makeshift sex toys to experimenting with different textures and temperatures, these methods may push the limits of your comfort zone. But if you’re feeling adventurous and ready to add a little excitement to your solo playtime, then by all means, give them a try! Just remember to always prioritize safety and hygiene, and never compromise your health or wellbeing in the pursuit of pleasure. Happy exploring!